On Thai Time

Apr 23 2008

Are You On Thai Time?

Time to relax

Thai Hill Tribe Kids

People often use the phrase on thai time to reflect a relaxed pace of life that is independent from the flow of time. In other words, there’s no fixed deadlines or schedules or what have you. Instead, people live in the moment and things get done in their own time... read more »

Feb 18 2010

Coconut Curry Recipe

Why is Coconut Curry so Tasty?

Green Coconut CurryThe Thai are well known for their delicious curry recipes. In fact, when we go to a Thai restaurant it's almost always for the curry. While many say the best way to judge the quality of a Thai restaurant is the Pad Thai, I would beg to differ. For me it's the curry. But then again, you should probably judge the restaurant by your own favorite dish, whatever that may be. If you don't have one, or are unfamiliar with Thai food, the coconut curry is a good way to start. That's why we proudly bring you our authentic coconut curry recipe... read more »

May 27 2009

Taking Care of Bamboo

How to Take Care of Bamboo

Bamboo LeavesBamboo is a beautiful exotic plant that has become a popular addition to many American landscapes. Indigenous to tropical areas in Asia, bamboo is a hardy plant that makes it easily adaptable to new environments. It is easy to keep bamboo either indoors or outdoors with very little maintenance... read more »

Apr 09 2009

English Newspapers in Thailand

Looking for an English Newspaper in Thailand?

English Newspaper ThailandWith 21 English language newspapers in Thailand, there is a wide variety of news sourced from which to choose. The choices of English newspapers in Thailand range from those that focus on local news and culture, international news and business topics and even tabloids. Nearly all the English language newspapers cover travel, culture and entertainment as the travel industry is one of Thailand’s greatest sources of revenue...
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Aug 05 2008

Growing Bamboo Successfully

When to Grow Bamboo

Growing BambooWhile bamboo plants grow all year long, there are two main growth phases; below-ground, and above-ground. Depending on where you are planting your bamboo, these growth seasons will vary. Typically, from October through April (below-ground season), the plants form buds underground; and from May through September (above-ground season), the plants grow above-ground and develop shoots... read more »

Jul 31 2008

Opium Museum

The world's oldest medicines

Opium Museum


Although Opium is one of the world’s oldest medicines and has been used for over 5000 years as an effective pain killer, the opium trade has long been a profitable driver behind wars and uprisings, generating large profits for governments and merchants worldwide... read more »

Jul 25 2008

The Golden Triangle

The triangle in the North

The Golden Triangle

At the junction of Thailand, Burma and Laos we check out the Opium Museum before taking an optional fast-boat ride on the Mekong River. A night is spent in Chiang Rai before heading back to Chiang Mai and boarding an overnight train... read more »

Jul 19 2008

Bamboo Rafting

Rivers of Thailand

Bamboo Rafting

Thailand's rivers have played a major role in the country's cultural and economic development. In addition to being used for transport and commerce, festivals and ceremonies have evolved to celebrate their life-giving qualities... read more »

Jul 02 2008

Elephant Ride

Thai Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride

Elephants have been a talisman to Thailand for thousands of years, through war and peace. They are smaller than their African counterparts, and more suited to carrying cargo. The elephant represents wisdom, strength and victory, and its image was emblazoned on the nation’s flag, temples, and coins... read more »

Jun 25 2008

Chiang Mai

Rose of the North

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a great old city to explore. We head up to the hilltop temple of Doi Suthep and out to the forest to ride elephants. Evenings are best spent in the colorful night bazaar and we have a full free day for city discovery, cooking school, bamboo rafting , traditional massage or relaxing by the river... read more »